Halleynet Web Media provide web hosting, design and development services in Central Scotland. We also advise on technical support matters concerning home, small home office and small businesses. Your Web Browser does not appear to support the Cascading Style sheets standard, or you have optionally turned it off. For best results on this website we advise you utlise some of the latest browsers for best performance and security. Go to our useful links page to get these and other useful utilities that will improve your vision of the web.




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Website design is not simply a matter of linear information being added into tables, columns and boxes. Its important the structure of the page is done in such as way that search engines and users with simple text based clients, can make as much sense of the site as thise with normal high end browsers.

We take care to structure your site methodically and logically. Have a look here to see what we mean, the view is this page without its design structure.

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Template based design

Many web development and design companies will offer you low cost site design but will build your site either partly or entirely on a "template" bought off the shelf. This is fine as long as you don't mind your site looking like so many others out there. Halleynet Web Media use only bespoke site designs using current web standards in XHTML, CSS, HTML, PHP and XML.

Only if specifically asked by a client to employ a template would we ever do so.

Webdesign and development

Webdesign and devlopment

Here at Halleynet we specialise in clean, standards based designs to the clients specification. We don't use off the shelf template designs though obviously if thats what a client wants, you could have it.

We use the latest industry standard web design tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash, and ensure cross browser compatibility wherever possible. The variations between the commonest browsers out there can give the casual web designer days of frustration that sometimes go unsolved and have you giving up.

We understand these issues and while we wouldn't claim to have all the answers, we have solved many layout problems to customers satisfaction while maintaining standards, accessibility factors and page weight considerations. We can provide pages coded in html, xhtml, php and with javascript features.


Custom development

Custome development Projects

Dynamic websites are very much with us now and you will hear many commentators talk about Web 2.0. This is nothing really that new, its just server side technology starting to filter down to mainstream users. CGI scripting languages like php and perl and servers that support these are now available from halleynet and we can design, build and implement your website using these techniques.

These usually work in conjunction with a database server that holds the site content and feeds it to the user based on their requirements. We have support for mysql databases which are robust, very flexible and can scale up to massive enterprise level standards ,with reliability and high speed.


Open Source Applications

One of the key drivers of Web 2.0 has been the open source software movement. Applications such as Wordpress Blog, Mambo and Joomla Content Management Systems, and phpBB bulletin board/forum, allow even those with basic knowledge to set up and run a dynamic website with little knowledge.

Sometimes though, getting a design that looks unique can be a problem and we have experience in modifying these systems to give your OS website a custom look and feel.

We have many applications preinstalled in most of our main hosting accounts, but can also supply others and install them on request such as drupal, and Gallery

phpbb hosting abd development


Ajax a hot technology

A much vaunted and Hot technology at present is AJAX. AJAX stands for Asynchronous, Javascript and XML. This combination of a number of older technologies allows designers and developers to give dynamic websites a feel more akin to a standard PC application.

Everytime you make a change in a windows type applicatoion environment the window does not reload! Web based applications usually require a browser page refresh or reload to make dynamic data "happen". With AJAX this constraint is removed and data can be dynamically fed to a page without the reload.

AJAX can be implemented with a numbe rof different server and client side languages, such as javascript, php, ASP, ASP.NET, VB, Java, amongst others.

Here at halleynet we typically use javascript along with php and XML.