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Many high street chain suppliers provide support "insurance" that we find is often over priced, and worthless. We have been called on numerous occasions to sort out crashed or problem machines that they have been unable to resolve either in their premises or over their often premium rate phone lines. Next time you have a PC issues give us a try first, for the cost of a phone call we might sort out your problems there and then. If necessary we will come to you and resolve on site or with your permission take the offending machine away to be severly spoken too!

Yes- we have a sense of humour too!

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Latest Support issues

new issuePop up blockers and Webmail. more.....

new issueWe are pleased to announce the improvement in webmail services which include integration with MS Outlook features. However we have become aware of some issues with this: read more here.

Database web connections. Please note this tech note when using mysql database services.

AWstats access: tech note on how to use this feature.

Technical Support

Webdesign and devlopment

We are somewhat unique in the support services we offer our clients. For our hosting clients we can be reached by email or phone and will usually resolve your issue there and then by talking you through the problem or by going in and sorting your issue directly.

As the saying goes, difficult problems are solved quickly, the impossible sometimes take a little longer!

If you want , we can also come to your premises and show you how to make best use of your hosting and other facilities.

Personal service is one of the cornerstones of our business, and is appreciated by all our existing clients as being a major influence on their inital decision to use our facilities and stay with us over time.

If we have helped you afor no cost and you feel you want to pay a small consideration feel free to donate here:


Customer Support Database

Custome development Projects

All our hosting customers get access to our support database, which contains answers to most problems encountered. If you get stuck though or its not making sense, simply drop us a line, or give us a call and we are happy to help.

You can now raise trouble tickets directly on our website. Support will contact you within 24 hours in normal circumstances.



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IT support

Ajax a hot technology

We don't just help clients with the Web. We can assist with other areas of your IT facilities. From sorting out a problems on small networks at home or in your business premises, helping you with common PC applications issues, getting broken machines sorted or rebuilding or recovering data, we can help

We can also build and supply machines to your requirements, especially high end gaming PC's using the best components.

Wireless LAN's and small networks are no problem