Halleynet Web Media provide web hosting, design and development services in Central Scotland. We also advise on technical support matters concerning home, small home office and small businesses. Your Web Browser does not appear to support the Cascading Style sheets standard, or you have optionally turned it off. For best results on this website we advise you utlise some of the latest browsers for best performance and security. Go to our useful links page to get these and other useful utilities that will improve your vision of the web.




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One of the biggest challenges facing web design in recent years has been the different support for web standards, accorded by different browsers. Internet Explorer 6 while being by far the most prevalent browser out there for the last couple of years, still has a number of non standard tricks up its sleeve that can completely destroy a modern web site layout. Its predecessors ie 5.5/ 5.0 were worse still!. In recent time, Fire fox has appeared with much better standards support and ie7 has now followed with better rendering of pages.

We always try to take care to ensure that and sites we develop render as intended across the commonest browsers.

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We have provided these links to allow you to select from one of the range of current browsers which support web standards and feature improved security for users. While we make no recommendations as to what is most suitable for you having one of these browsers should improve your web experience.

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are we geeks? Probably!

We have designed or updated numerous websites for clients. Wherever possible we use standards based, unique designs though we can also modify off the shelf templates, applications and base designs.

Below you can see just a few examples of our work.


Appleby Frodingham Squash Club: www.afsquash.com


Appleby Frodingham Sports Club in Scunthorpe ranks itself as one of the finest small squash clubs in the Humberside/Lincolnshire area, with teams and players competing at local and national level.

As a small club with a small budget they wanted to offer their members modern booking facilities that were easily managed and of course, primarily, affordable. Halleynet Web Media, designed, specced and configured the entire system and it went live on 1st October 2007 with no major issues. Members can now book their court facilities online whenever it suits them from anywhere in the world. AFSQUASH.COM's main club site is built and self managed by the club using the Halleynet Hosting platform, with technical support from Halleynet Web Media. We have also managed to achieve sponsorship for the club site such that it is cash generative (excluding the cost of the booking system).

If you are a small club with similar needs contact us now for a quotation. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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Rhuallan Raptors : www.rhuallanraptors.com


Rhuallan Raptors is a small business catering for visitors and tourists interested in birds of prey.

They run half and full days out, as well as the somewhat unique offering of falconry days on horseback. In addition they manage and sell "easy care" sheep.

Rhuallan Raptors asked us to come up with a simple website to show their offerings, and this is it (click image).

An advanced css based design that incorporates their logo and also uses a Gallery 2 based image gallery that the client can update themselves. The design renders best in the latest browsers namely, Firefox2, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9 but for users who don't have these the site adapts the css to a slightly modified look that retains the vast majority of the features. In particular the bird image that forms the core of the layout, does not render properly in older non css2 compliant browsers, so it becomes a non transparent background in these older browsers.