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Halleynet Web Media provide web hosting, design and development services in Central Scotland. We also advise on technical support matters concerning home, small home office and small businesses. Your Web Browser does not appear to support the Cascading Style sheets standard, or you have optionally turned it off. For best results on this website we advise you utlise some of the latest browsers for best performance and security. Go to our useful links page to get these and other useful utilities that will improve your vision of the web.




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Website design is not simply a matter of linear information being added into tables, columns and boxes. Its important the structure of the page is done in such as way that search engines and users with simple text based clients, can make as much sense of the site as thise with normal high end browsers.

We take care to structure your site methodically and logically. Have a look here to see what we mean, the view is our "webdesign" page without its design structure. Note how the page still makes sense without the layout information or style information. This is how other systems see your page- i.e Google. A clear base structure makes for better search optimisation.

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