Halleynet Web Media provide web hosting, design and development services in Central Scotland. We also advise on technical support matters concerning home, small home office and small businesses. Your Web Browser does not appear to support the Cascading Style sheets standard, or you have optionally turned it off. For best results on this website we advise you utlise some of the latest browsers for best performance and security. Go to our useful links page to get these and other useful utilities that will improve your vision of the web.




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Web Design Projects

are we geeks? Probably!

Halleynet Web Media provide high quality unique websites to business and personal clients in Central Scotland. We can look after your website for you or we can design and hand over the code. We can also provide ready to go flexible content management systems which you can in general terms dictate the layout, while we provide the basic design template.

Before being commissioned to carry out a project we will spend the time getting to understand what you want, we will understand what your trying to achieve, and can advise on the best way to get to where you want to be.

We will always give an estimate of what your requirements will cost, and a time frame in which to expect delivery. You can supply images or graphics or we can create or acquire graphics on your behalf- the cost for this may be additonal of course and depends on the source and quality of the images acquired.

Except on larger projects we ask for no money up front for design work. All we ask is prompt payment on delivery. We would not expect payment until you are wholly satisfied with our work. read more about Halleynet Web Media Web Design and development here

Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology ITIL Certified UKWDA Kenneth Halley is a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society



You don't have to get Halleynet Web Media to design your website for you you may want to do it yourself and for this we offer various hosting packages on a self managed or managed basis.

Halleynet now have International reach with clients as far away as New Zealand. Halleynet provide the ideal solution for families relocating overseas, but wanting to keep in touch with relatives via blogging and web technologies.

For individuals wanting to have an unique domain providing little more than email and a few static web pages, we offer the personal email plus account for as little as £15 per year! For those wanting dynamic web space, and many other features, there is our personal hosting account for only £60 per year.

Commercial enterprises are catered for too with our llarger accounts featuring multiple databases and if required e commerce facilities (certificates are extra) for as little as £100 per year. Read more on this on our Hosting page.

Technical Support Service

Tech Support

Having home or business PC or network problems? We are continually amazed at what many high street names sell by way of support, from on going charge "Gold" support, which still manage to cost Premium rates when you have a problem, to no back up whatsoever.

If your fed up getting your fingers burnt then maybe you should try us. On a no fix no fee basis, you have nothing to lose by giving us a try. Hardware and software fixes for the PC illiterate are our speciality. Give us a call first and we can let you know what we think is wrong and whether the fix is likely to be simple (in which case we may talk you through it over the phone) or whether we need to see the machine in question. If its serious enough we may need to take the machine away, but of course we would only do this with your consent.

LANs and Wireless LAN's too are a mystery to many small businesses and SOHO users. We can help. We have had clients who have been supplied kit by the mainstream suppliers that has never worked yet they have continued to charge for both technical support or a service that never got set up. Allow us to help. We can usually have you runnin gin no time, whats more we are happy to show you all you need to know to keep it running and of course if you have a problem down the line you know where we are.

Where your small business has an ongoing need for technical support assistance we would arrange a small monthly fee covering our availability to you. But we think you would find this far better value than the Premium rate support offered by the big players, with Halleynet you know we can come to you when needed. Read more on our technical support page